Sunday, January 14, 2007

Designer speaks...

This is a hoarding layout designed by my friend for his venture Linux Academy:

click on the image to see enlarged layout.

Fabulous creation… isn’t it? As Linux Academy is an open source software training company, for its advertisement the emphasis is given on the open source. I liked the concept of ‘open’, the slogan “want to break free?... Shout it Open!” a perfect match with the boy’s expressions. It would definitely grab the eyes of every passer-by. One thing I noticed is the text arrangement… could be a li’l better I think. But again, it’d be unnoticeable before the awesome images. Good job! Finally selected. It could be seen on a hoarding at Chetak Bridge, Bhopal.

I also tried something for the same:

click on the image to see enlarged layout.

Hmm… good… but a better one exists ;)

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lets join the poised India...

I didn’t know what was it, when in the morning I suddenly stopped my finger on the remote while surfing TV channels. I saw Amitabh Bachchan saying something which was smoothly rolling into my ears. I was feeling a wave of enthusiasm running across my body. That was a sudden jerk to my mind that said I really like it. He was talking about two kinds of India. It made me think of both of them, in a way that it stretched me from one kind of India towards the other.

And then I googled ‘India Poised’ and found what exactly was it…

Taking 2007 as the year of India, The Times Of India group has started a 6-week long campaign named ‘INDIA POISED’ to celebrate the 60 years of freedom of India. For the campaign, the times of india group along with its television partner, Times Now, will pry open areas of public governance, infrastructure, health, business and economy, environment, social sector and culture, among others, to sort the stars from the non-performers. For more details visit

And what I was watching was Amitab Bachchan reciting the India Poised anthem.

The theme is really wonderful, INDIA POISED… i.e. India in a position that is completely still but is ready to move at any moment.

Must have a look at video of Amitabh Bachchan reciting the India Poised anthem.

i'm sure you'd like it :) just have a look and be a part of it...

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