Friday, December 08, 2006

the height of creativity... :D

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Lets go Alto!

A couple gets ready to leave for theatre in their car. The lady makes her husband notice...

..the almost empty fuel tank. The husband assures her, “Alto hai”. Seeing a diversion..

..ahead on the flyover, the husband takes a u-turn while his wife worryingly stares...

...the fuel gauge. Driving through narrow streets, they come across a marriage procession.

Without worrying about the fuel, the husband changes the course and looks for a short cut when they get caught up...

... in a traffic jam. Having full trust in the car’s mileage, the husband again changes the route while his wife gets impatient.

VO: “Hamare desh mein chhote-chhote faasle aksar lambe ho jaate hain. Isiliye humein chhaiye sabse zyada mileage waali car. Alto,
jo de
17.6 km perlitre.”

As the couple finally reaches the theatre, the husband realizes that he has forgotten the tickets at home. The ad ends as they head back home. VO: “Alto. Let’s go on and on.”

A nice commercial to woo the Indian public. It emphasizes the great mileage and reasonable price of the car. A remarkable work is done on the storyline. No doubt it would tick many minds. But the car looks ordinary, the ad contains no such matter that bears on the looks & luxury… Alto looks good...even better than it looks in this ad ;) ...It's a nice compact small car. The advertisement could have been much better with some more accents on the looks. We wish the next ad to be as stylish as the Alto is...
so that it'll go on & on...


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Friday, December 01, 2006

Crux of Creativity

When mind goes blind & there’s no key to lock the doors of ideas, when heart does what makes it tick & there’s no word called ‘limitation’… You chase the height of imagination & enter into the world of Creation!


If you second above lines, creativity is everywhere, & if you don’t give a damn about it… so does it!

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