Sunday, May 17, 2009

Now that you'll remember for years!

Well! Well! Well! I guess somebody was already prepared with the masterpiece when i had brought my attention to the ad-world where every ad is competing the other, and in this scenario, what should our ad-makers create so that people could remember it for years!! (check out my last post)
Only a few days later, we could see an outstanding advertisement during IPL, which everybody is talking about. Yes! It's the ZooZoo commercial of Vodafone.
The creativity behind this beautiful artwork is beyond imagination. The surprise element is that the ZooZoo is not an animation but a real person wearing a costume :)
I'm sure you have not missed a single commercial as they are so much popular, but in case you've missed any, you can check it out here.
Now don't forget to watch the making of these commercials!
Hats off to Mr Prakash Jha, Director of this ad, who bring us this memorable commercial :)
:) Enjoy!
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